We will provide the necessary infrastructure - from transport systems to electricity grids and water pipelines - to support a thriving community



In 2017, Utilities and Public Works combined to form the Department of Infrastructure. Read more about the impact this team is having on the City of Hamilton.


Emphasize reliability

  • Proactively invest in infrastructure: Repair, overhaul, and modernize aging assets

  • Build and enhance redundancy of critical systems

  • Improve operational readiness

Emphasize affordability

  • Maintain rates lower than the national average while competing locally

  • Practice prudent financial management

  • Evaluate and implement new technology and process improvements

Focus on residents and customers

  • Maniacally focus on the customer experience

  • Improve communications

  • Improve satisfaction ratings

Encourage economic development

  • Leverage services and develop economic incentives that attract business to reduce unemployment, achieve economic stability, and increase the standard of living for all citizens

  • Concentrate on retaining and expanding local businesses

Promote sustainability

  • Incorporate design, construction, and operational practices that encourage the social, economic, ecological processes required to maintain human equity, diversify and functionality of natural systems



We will be an organization of engaged leaders with a strong sense of collective purpose and pride, committed to excellence


Strive for operational excellence

  • Increase efficiency, get the most out of existing resources

  • Mitigate risk

  • Maximize value creation

  • Use best-practice project planning, design-to-cost, and lean construction methods

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