What is Plan Hamilton

Plan Hamilton is a comprehensive plan to guide the development of the city for the next fifteen years. Approved in early 2019, this is a “living” plan that will be periodically updated to reflect input from those, like yourself, who have a stake in Hamilton’s future.


Priorities of Plan Hamilton

GROW businesses & jobs

  • Invest in business retention, expansion, and attraction efforts

IMPROVE our local connections

  • Increase spending on road maintenance and improvements

  • Expand the multimodal network

CONNECT Hamilton to the region

  • Better east-west connectivity


ENHANCE the well-being of our residents & neighborhoods

  • Invest in police and fire capital

  • Clean up blighted properties

  • Develop great amenities like parks, shopping districts, and events

ENCOURAGE development & redevelopment

  • Seek expansion opportunities

  • Invest in the urban core

  • Revitalize neighborhood business areas


Let’s Dive In


Time to see for yourself! From here you can go directly to the details of ‘The Plan,’ or read about ‘The Process’ of creating it.


The Plan

The Process