We will ensure that Hamilton is a community of choice and opportunity for all


Promote reinvestment in our urban core and traditional neighborhoods and promote high quality suburban DEVELOPMENT

  • Promote the creation of high quality residential units in the urban core through public private partnerships

  • Support efforts to rehabilitate historic buildings through efforts like CORE, public private partnerships, and encouraging resident-led renovation projects

  • Promote infill development in our urban core and along the riverfront

  • Hold new suburban development to high quality design standards

  • Increase homeownership rates through efforts like downpayment assistance programs and targeted marketing

  • Collaborate with Hamilton schools on marketing our strong education system

Single Family Residential Permits

Retain existing hamilton residents

  • Be responsive to the needs and concerns of Hamilton residents through efforts such as 311 activity, social media engagement, and community meetings

  • Connect Hamiltonians to the events, parks, and other quality of life improvements occurring in our community

  • Encourage homeowners to invest in their homes through incentives like rehabilitation loans and facade grants

  • Simplify access to the city and community services for all people

Market Hamilton to Prospective residents

  • Continue to promote and develop incentive programs to attract people to live in Hamilton

  • Execute a regional communications plan to market Hamilton

  • Collaborate with employers to promote Hamilton to their employees

Make Hamilton Safe & Clean

  • Ensure high quality Police and Fire services for all residents

  • Make Hamilton cleaner through efforts such as a strategic code enforcement strategy and promoting promoting 311 use

  • Develop and execute a plan for land banking activities, including dispensing land for side lots and redevelopment

  • Continue the exploration of new tools, such as the chronic nuisance, property registration, and inspection programs

  • Make improvements to Hamilton’s public safety service facilities


We will create a sense
of place in our 17 neighborhoods


Connect neighbors and further neighborhood identities

  • Improve neighborhood identity within Hamilton’s 17 neighborhoods through programs such as neighborhood signage and a neighborhood identity awards program

  • Support initiatives that empower citizens to invest in their neighborhoods like the microgrant program

  • Continue to promote the grassroots efforts to improve the city like community meetings and clean-ups

  • Communicate with all residents and offer engagement opportunities