We will ensure land use and development policies align with community objectives


Future Land Use Map

This story map will provide a glimpse into the future planned uses that will guide the city for the next 15 to 20 years.


Conduct a comprehensive review and update of land use controls and policies

  • Modernize our zoning ordinance

  • Evaluate opportunities for addressing legacy industrial properties

  • Evaluate and implement Traditional Neighborhood zoning for Hamilton’s urban core

  • Encourage a broad mix of residential housing types

  • Focus on the character and density of land uses in areas where we can better define a sense of place

  • Activate neighborhood planning and development efforts

  • Ensure access to greenspace and parks to all neighborhoods

Advocate for resident- & business-friendly regulations

  • Promote the well-being of residents through smart land use decisions

  • Identify any local obstacles to business development and make improvements

  • Support opportunities to make state building and health codes more business-friendly