Joint Economic Development District

A Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) creates a partnership between a municipality and a township, with the goal of developing township land. Each JEDD comes with an income tax that is split between the township and municipality, based on what services they each provide. Each JEDD is unique in how it is structured, as different services are offered by each participating entity.

The City of Hamilton has three JEDDs. JEDD I and II are located at Bridgewater Falls. JEDD III is located south of Bridgewater Falls, southwest of State Route 129 and Bypass 4.


JEDD III is a partnership between the City of Hamilton and Fairfield Township. It is the newest JEDD for the City of Hamilton and, as part of the development of JEDD III, the City of Hamilton, Fairfield Township, and Kettering Health Network (a property owner within the JEDD) worked together to develop a conceptual site plan for the area.

The plan envisions the site as a mixed use development that includes a Kettering development, multi-story office buildings, and hotel space. There is already a development occurring within JEDD III, which is the StoryPoint senior living facility.

View the plan here.