We will support our existing businesses and attract new businesses that provide upward economic mobility


Aggressively work on business retention and expansion

  • Ensure that the City of Hamilton is a business friendly community

  • Coordinate with employers and local educational institutions on workforce development initiatives that grow and strengthen our workforce

  • Recruit and retain companies that create a wide variety of employment opportunities that diversify our economy and offer economic opportunity for all

  • Collaborate with Butler County, the State of Ohio, and other regional partners on catalytic projects

    • Recruit businesses in high demand industries such as advanced manufacturing and information technology

    • Continue to identify funding opportunities to clean-up and restore brownfields and abandoned properties

  • Promote high impact development in Hamilton Enterprise Park, University Commerce Park, and the JEDD

Total Wages Paid by Employers

Value the important role of the startup community

  • Expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem by continuing to build the momentum of The Hamilton Mill

  • Promote new initiatives, such as programming for minority and women owned businesses

Unemployment Rate


We will create a vibrant community to attract and retain residents, employers, employees, and visitors


Attract and retain businesses that enhance quality of life

  • Develop and implement creative economic development tools to attract and retain quality of life businesses

  • Invest in programming and special events that improve quality of life and attract and retain small businesses

  • Invest in a public relations strategy as an economic development strategy

  • Maintain a high level of public safety service for both the business and residential communities


Revitalize and reimagine business corridors in Hamilton

  • Advance improvements on business districts including Central, Pleasant, Route 4, Grand, west side commercial area, German Village, and Downtown/Main Street

  • Activate development along the Great Miami River that is envisioned in the River Master Plan

  • Prioritize key brownfield redevelopment opportunities, such as the Champion Paper Mill and Mohawk Paper sites

  • Utilize public private partnerships to achieve development objectives

  • Identify economic development opportunities as part of the land bank prioritization strategy