We will improve Hamilton’s streets


Mobility Maps

This story map will provide a glimpse into the future planned transportation improvements within the city over the next 15 to 20 years.



In 2017, Utilities and Public Works combined to form the Department of Infrastructure. Read more about the impact this team is having on the City of Hamilton.


Prioritize road maintenance

  • Invest in road improvements in both residential and commercial areas

  • Explore alternative funding ideas to complete road improvements, such as a levy

Make Hamilton more navigable

  • Expand on the regional wayfinding system to make it easier to find local amenities, including parking

  • Make road improvements adaptable to future technologies, such as autonomous vehicles

  • Develop a long-term parking strategy for downtown



We will encourage alternative modes of transportation to improve mobility and decrease traffic congestion


Improve public transportation

  • Seek ways to improve and expand bus transportation opportunities, including the possibility of a local circulator and expanded services that connect people to employment opportunities within and beyond Butler County

Expand bicycle infrastructure

  • Build a local bike system, including the Hamilton Beltline

  • Build connections to the broader regional and state trail system, including the Miami 2 Miami Regional Trail effort

Make Hamilton a walkable city

  • Require pedestrian amenities with new development

  • Identify and implement priority sidewalk improvements

  • Ensure all residents have safe and accessible connections to community facilities and services


We will advance large scale transportation projects that improve traffic flow and better connect Hamilton to the region


Identify major transportation improvements to better connect Hamilton to the region

  • Improve connectivity to I-75 and I-275

    • Develop a North Hamilton Crossing plan

    • Explore improvements from South Hamilton Crossing to across the river and to By-Pass 4

  • Continue to improve traffic flow on High Street and Main


  • Make mobility and aesthetic improvements on Route 4

Pursue partnerships for mobility improvements

  • Work with regional and state partners on increasing transportation funding

  • Continue to work with rail lines CSX and Norfolk Southern to reduce delays by trains and train noise

  • Work with Butler County and neighboring communities on regional mobility initiatives