We will provide high-quality parks to residents and visitors


Focus efforts on maintenance with strategic expansion of the parks system

  • Develop a parks and recreation plan

    • Prioritize a high level maintenance strategy for Hamilton’s parks

    • Make strategic investments throughout the park system that have the most impact

    • Maximize the potential of Joyce Park

    • Implement the Combs Park master plan

  • Work to enhance the river as a form of recreation

  • Value passive parkland, such as nature preserves

  • Explore the feasibility of building an aquatics center for the community. 



We will promote equal access to parks for all Hamiltonians


Improve access to, and programming of, parks

  • Identify areas with limited access to parks

  • Develop more programming and activities for residents

    • Recognize that tweens and teens are especially in need of activities

    • Focus programming for adults on social activities, placemaking, and community building

    • Seek ways to expand recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities